IETF 104 Highlights

The meeting from 23-29 March showcased many different ways a physical meeting can substantially advance our community's work over the course of just one week.

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  • Montreal harbor

    IETF 105 Montreal

    IETF 105 starts Saturday 20 July and runs through Friday afternoon, 26 July.

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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    IETF 106 Singapore

    IETF 106 starts Saturday 16 November and runs through Friday afternoon, 22 November.

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Understanding the Internet Engineering Task Force

  • Working Groups
  • Request for Comments (RFCs)

Working groups

Working Groups are the primary mechanism for development of IETF specifications and guidelines. Working Groups are typically created to address a specific problem or to produce one or more specific deliverables (a guideline, standards specification, etc.).

Request for Comments (RFCs)

The IETF publishes RFCs authored by network operators, engineers, and computer scientists to document methods, behaviors, research, or innovations applicable to the Internet.

  • Featured Working Group

    Operations and Management Area Working Group

    The Operations and Management Area receives occasional proposals for the development and publication of RFCs dealing with operational and management topics that are not in scope of an existi...

    opsawg active [email protected]

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