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          1. RFCs

            Memos in the RFC document series contain technical and organizational notes about the Internet.

            Key Info

            RFCs cover many aspects of computer networking, including protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts, as well as meeting notes, opinions, and sometimes humor. Below are links to RFCs, as available from ietf.org and from rfc-editor.org. Note that there is a brief time period when the two sites will be out of sync. When in doubt, the RFC Editor site is the authoritative source page.

            RFCs associated with an active IETF Working Group can also be accessed from the Working Group's web page via?IETF Working Groups.?

            IETF Repository Retrieval?

            • Advanced search options are available at?IETF Datatracker?and the?RFC Search Page.
            • A text index of RFCs is available on the IETF web site here:?RFC Index (Text).
            • To go directly to a text version of an RFC, type?http://www.thhst.icu/rfc/rfcNNNN.txt?into the location field of your browser, where NNNN is the RFC number.?

            RFC Editor Repository Retrieval

            RFC Errata

            Published RFCs never change. Although every published RFC has been submitted to careful proofreading by the RFC Editor and the author(s), errors do sometimes go undetected.?Technical Errata?are errors in the technical content.?Editorial Errata?are spelling, grammar, punctuation, or syntax errors that do not affect the technical meaning.

            The RFC Editor database maintains a list of errata for each RFC. To search for errata on a particular RFC, or to report new errata, please visit the?RFC Editor Errata Page.

            For more information about how errata are processed, please see?IESG Processing of RFC Errata for the IETF Stream.

            Contacting the RFC Editor


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